Review- Yummy Crochet by Kristen Rask

IMG_20181216_202741_166I recently finished the crochet book Yummy Crochet by Kristen Rask you can get in on Amazon for around $17 right now.  It included 12 projects. My list says 13 but I am counting the cookie pattern twice because cookies. This was a part of a kit I picked up a few years ago. It came with enough  yarn and stuffing for two projects. I believe the kit also came with thread,  a needle and safety eyelets. I followed the instructions the best that I could. I will tell you how each pattern turned out keep in mind I am a rookie to amigurmi. However I have been crocheting since the 4th grade that was almost 18 years ago you can do the math and try and figure out how old I am. Anyways I am going to go through every item one by one so you can decide if it is worth the money for you. Some minor notes I believe all the patterns were written by different people so abbreviation and wording are sometimes different which might be a bit confusing for beginners. However no worries if you are read this you probably have the internet. So fire up your favorite search engine if you get stuck with definitions or need more help with a technique. Another note you are definitely going to want a space saver when making these yummy food items.


  1. Corn on the cob- This one came out great. You can even shuck it. The corn turned out great I didn’t have any problems reading the pattern at all.  I did avoid adding the eyes.  Because who wants food that stares at them.
  2. Oranges-more like cuties or tangerines.  The book tells you the approx. size once finished I just didn’t look at it. I don’t tend to use the gauges either but this I did come out to be the size the book intended I just wanted a bigger orange.20180812_145328
  3. Peas in a pod super cute and easy. I would say I did get a little confused when It came to the book directing me how to shape the pod but I easily made it work by looking at the pictures. If you need step by step instructions prepared to get super confused. Trust me I am a step by step person. I have only developed to look and see technique from years of practicing crochet.
  4. The turnip came out super cute. There are quite a few color changes so I would say this one is more intermediate. But it was super easy to follow
  5. BLT-  Okay so I didn’t exactly follow directions here. I only made two of the bread pieces instead of 4 because I personally thought the thickness was fine,  and I wasn’t applying eyes so I didn’t need a side to hide the back of the eyelets.20180903_133328
  6. Eggs I personally didn’t like this egg pattern. I have crocheted Easter eggs before and they turned out better than these eggs.  My cracked egg doesn’t look like the books at all maybe it was gauge or the type of yarn. I don’t know but I just wasn’t happy with the outcome.                                                                20181103_214446
  7. Hamburger- So I have made a hamburger before and this burger used a different technique. It is cool to see how different pieces can be made using different methods. I might try to make a hamburger later merging my favorite parts of the two patterns.  I think the patty turned out way to big. I don’t know if I over stuffed it or what.  But there are better ways to do the patty. The lettuce has been the best lettuce pattern I have ever tried. The cheese pattern is okay. It is simple but there are better intermediate patterns .IMG_20181117_151816_515
  8. Hot dog- This pattern didn’t turn out that great in my opinion. I may have over stuffed the buns cause mine did not look like the picture. My hot dog seems to have been too small. I barely had enough room for the mustard and ketchup. I also checked amazon and someone else had the same complaints about this particular pattern as well. Hey at least I wasn’t the only one. 20181119_203646
  9. Sushi rolls – So my sushi looks like a car tire enough said. So if attempting this one definitely try with multi colored yarn it looks like they may possibly make the difference.
  10. Cupcakes- I love the cupcakes  I used all the ideas on one cupcake and it is super cute.  Checked on amazon I wasn’t the only one to love it IMG_20181125_184725_469
  11. Donut- This donut pattern is great. I added polymer clay clippings with E6000 to give the look of sprinkles yum.
  12. Tea and cookies- The cup turned out okay. Mine was  a little wobbly it may have been over stuffed.
  13. I really like the chocolate chip it is so cute and adorable. Granted I am a big fan on chocolate chip cookies.  I struggled with the black and white cookie. It wasn’t obvious that I still needed to make two brown cookie parts.


What you need to know about Cookie

Welcome! I am Cookie and I am a nuts about crafting. I love crafting, baking, traveling, math and you guessed it Squirrels. I can’t think of a craft I don’t want to try. I mostly do yarn crafts. I love making food related crafts as well. One thing you should know is I just can’t keep cookies off my brain. Anyways you should know this blog is going to be super random just like me. I am still trying to figure life and what I want out so be prepared for all the squirrels to go to Electric Daisy.